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Words from Wendy                        

We need to hope in God, who richly provides everything for our enjoyment.  1 Timothy 6:17bThis morning as I write this, the wind is blowing, there is lightning and thunder not to mention the much needed rain holding my granddaughter thinking of all the things I should be doing or need to get done.  Do you get caught up in the “what to do's'' and miss the enjoyment that is right in front of you?Sometimes it's easy to get fixated on the aspects of following Jesus to ensure we are minding our Q’s, crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s that we miss out on the blessings He has given us.  Remember that the Christian life also means embracing the blessings that are given to us by Jesus.  As you go through your days this month, thank Jesus each time you find yourself enjoying something He has created or has sent into your life.  As I sit back, I find myself smiling at my beautiful granddaughter and enjoying the beautiful art of lightning across the sky, being caught off guard by the rolls of thunder and listening to the pattern of rain drops on the roof, I can see Jesus smiling as he watches me enjoy the gifts he has blessed me with this morning.  What has Jesus blessed you with today?

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