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Zion Cloverdale would like to extend a hearty congratulations to Pastor Carl Heidel who is retiring and will be leading his last service as our Interim Pastor on May 30th.

Pastor Carl came to us in 2018 and we send him off with gratitude for his time of sharing and caring with us, guiding us as we move forward in these exciting times. As a mission to keep our doors open and merge with the trying times, Zion
formed a worship committee dedicated to provide a consistent Sunday worship, with in-house pulpit supply sharing meditations and services with integrity. Thank you Carl for your guidance these past months.

In moving forward, blessings shine on Zion to be able to have Wendy Reamer-Johnson join us. Wendy has been providing pulpit supply intermittently and with God’s timing, has felt a stronger calling to serve us.

Zion Cloverdale is very pleased to announce that on April 1, 2021 Wendy Reamer-Johnson became appointed by the NE MN SYNOD as our SAM (SynodicallyAuthorized Minister).We celebrate this journey and support Wendy as
she not only serves our congregation, but continues to further her ministry education.