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Romans 6:23, The Consequence of Sin

Please dowload the Large Group Lesson PDF and use it to talk to your kids about Little Green Army Men, Sin, and God's gift of Jesus Christ who died so that we may be forgiven.

This week there are some fun activities you can do with your kids to help teach the lesson. They are attached. The Object Lesson involves peeling a potato, the Craft Activity has you build a little green army men snowglobe from a mason jar, and the Group Game is Sargeant says. They can also learn a new song, which Lena was so excited to teach them; just play the YouTube Video below.

We hope you'll share pictures of your activities on Facebook so we can all share in the fun you had!

For the older kids who are working on learning the books of the Old Testament, there are two worksheets for them to complete.

Mary Kay and Lena will still be tracking "attendance." Have them complete their "lesson homework" and send it to Lena, Mary Kay, or the church e-mail and we will mark them as having attended for that week!